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When REBOCA, S.L. was founded in 1981, its main business was reclaiming and recycling plastics.

After a time the company began to diversify into the drip irrigation tubing and accessories market. The range of accessories gradually increased and in 1985 REBOCA, S.L. started to manufacture high-pressure water pipes.

The company grew considerably as a result, as it not only supplies its customers with tubing and piping but also with all the accessories needed to install both irrigation and high-pressure water systems.

As this part of the business grew, REBOCA, S.L. withdrew from the reclamation and recycling business in order to focus on piping manufacture.

In 1992, the company added the REPOLEN® range of polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) products (pipes and accessories) for hot and cold high pressure water systems to its catalogue.

An entire line of polyethylene-100 (PE-100) pipes and accessories for high-pressure water, which are coupled by the Polyfusion welding method, was added in 1994. As a result of its ability to provide a full range of products that are easily installed using a single technique, the company's market expanded.

Since then, REBOCA, S.L. has continued to develop the manufacture of PE-32 and PE-40 tubing and piping for irrigation and high pressure systems, PP-R and PE-100 piping for hot and cold high-pressure water and all the necessary accessories for each.

In January 2001 the company was awarded the UNE-EN ISO 9002:1994 Company Registration Certificate by AENOR. At the end of March 2001 it achieved AENOR's N mark for the manufacture of PP-R pipes in its L'Ollería factory. In December of the same year the AENOR mark was obtained for the manufacture of PP-100 pipes. Further AENOR marks were awarded for the manufacture of low-density polyethylene pipes for high-pressure water in June 2002 and for the manufacture of low-density polyethylene tubes for micro irrigation branching in July 2003. 

The DNV certification awarded in 2010 authorizes the company's pipes to be installed in shipping. In April 2011, REBOCA became the first company certified by AENOR for the manufacture of meter panels (manifolds, ports arranged in one or more rows).

One of the company's main concerns has always been to offer its customers top-quality products. Because of this, REBOCA, S.L. has obtained the relevant product approvals from all the Spanish regional governments and the countries where customers demand this, and from the start has been especially concerned to invest in a fully-equipped quality control laboratory and all the necessary infrastructure to develop and implement a Quality System which enables the company to offer its customers every guarantee.



Polypropylene random copolymer (PP-R) was one of the first plastics to be used in heating systems. PP-R Type 3 polypropylene random copolymer is the most advanced material for heating and sanitary systems.

Equally, the amazing mechanical and chemical properties of PE-100 polyethylene makes the pipes and tubes manufactured from this material the most versatile on the market, suitable for a wide range of applications.

Regular testing by specialist institutes guarantees that REPOLEN® piping and tubing, whether PP-R or PE-100, will perform with absolute reliability over at least 50 years' continuous use.

Since 1998, the inspections and checks carried out in the company's own laboratory and in approved specialist laboratories (CEIS and the CSIC's Instituto Eduardo Torroja in Madrid, Applus in Catalonia, AIMPLAS in Valencia, etc.) have verified that the company's machinery and processes meet the standards required to produce high-quality products.



The REPOLEN® system, when used in water and sanitary systems in accordance with the instructions given in the Technical Manual, is covered by an insurance policy taken out by REBOCA, S.L., TRANSFORMADOS PLASTICOS with the insurance company GROUPAMA: the policy number is 65.132.771 and the extent of cover € 1,202,040. 


The guarantee form must be returned within 10 days of completing the installation. The pipes, tubes and connectors must be fitted in accordance with the instructions, warnings and recommendations given in the REPOLEN® Technical Manual. The pipes, tubes and connectors must be exclusively REPOLEN®. The period covered by the insurance is 10 years from the date of manufacture shown on the pipe or tube. Within this period, REBOCA will pay compensation up to a limit of € 1,202,040 for damage to persons or property caused by the breakage of a REPOLEN® pipe, tube or connector of faulty manufacture.


Pipe or tube and connector coupling with a source of heat with temperature and pressure limits that are incompatible, even if by accident, with the properties of the materials employed in the REPOLEN® system. Failure to abide by the instructions for use, warnings and recommendations given in the REPOLEN® Technical Manual. Use of clearly defective materials (pipes, tubes or connectors with cracks, etc.). In effecting the installation, the use of parts not manufactured by REPOLEN® / REBOCA, S.L. Welding carried out wrongly or defectively through using unsuitable accessories.


In the event of damage attributable to the pipe, tube or accessory resulting solely from the above-mentioned causes, a registered letter must be sent to REBOCA, S.L. reporting the type of damage and enclosing the damaged length of tube or pipe or connector and a copy of the Guarantee Certificate showing:

  • Place and date of installation.
  • - Name and address of the installer.
  • - Pipe, tube or accessory markings, preferably those on the product itself or otherwise those from the packaging.

On receipt of the above by the Company, within a reasonable time the company will take the necessary steps and convey the documentation received to the insurance company.

Any payment made by REBOCA, S.L. in the course of processing the claim with the insurance company will be charged to the claimant if the reasons for the breakage are not those covered by the guarantee.



At every stage in the production process the REPOLEN® system of pipes and accessories undergoes rigorous quality control checks, including:

Suitability of the raw material. Size measurements and appearance of the finished products. Resistance to thermal oxidation. Absence of residual stresses. Subjecting samples to high temperatures and pressures. Resistance to low-temperature impact.

These continuous checks are followed up over time by the methods prescribed by AENOR under contract 001/302 according to all the applicable standards for each product.


  1. Orders. Orders will not be considered firm until approved by REBOCA
  2. Delivery date. Delivery dates for orders are given for guidance only.
  3. Risk. When the customer collects the goods, the risk during transport passes to the customer .
  4. Complaints. REBOCA will not accept any complaint made later than 10 days after collection of the goods.
  5. Payment conditions. The place of payment is REBOCA's premises in L'Ollería (Valencia, Spain).
  6. Reservation of ownership. The goods remain the property of REBOCA until paid for in full by the customer.



Repolen® system piping, tubing and accessories are packed in boxes in the case of the accessories and wrapped in plastic in the case of the piping and tubing.

The boxes measure 370x180x153 and the piping and tubing are supplied in 4-metre coils.



The main features of the REPOLEN® system in PP-R are: 

  • - High long-term resistance to internal pressure at high temperatures
    - Non-toxic
    - High resistance to chemical corrosion, both acid and alkaline
    - Mirror-finish interior, meaning a total absence of scale and very low load loss
    - Low heat transfer coefficient. Little heat loss. Minimal condensation
    - Electrical insulator
    - Very easy to assemble
    - Very low noise transmission
    - High abrasion resistance
    - Excellent behaviour with regard to anti-legionella treatments when performed according to standard procedures
    - Very low wave propagation speed



The main features of the REPOLEN® system in PE-100 are:  

  • - Non-toxic
    - High resistance to chemical corrosion, both acid and alkaline
    - Mirror-finish interior, meaning a total absence of scale and very low load loss
    - Low heat transfer coefficient
    - Electrical insulator
    - Very easy to assemble
    - Very low noise transmission
    - High abrasion resistance
    - Very light, so easily transported
    - Ultraviolet protection (suitable for exterior use)
    - Flexibility. Can be cold-bent
    - Impermeable to gases
    - High capacity to absorb external loads (soil settling, earthquakes, heavy vehicles, etc.)
    - Very low wave propagation speed
    - Many applications.